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About Ukrainian Catholic University

About Vision and Mission of the Ukrainian Catholic University
Love science, nurture and enrich it with your work and your knowledge, be its servants! Erect temples of science, fires of the spiritual force of our Church and Nation, remember that full life of the Church and Nation is impossible without our own science. Science — is our breath of life!
Patriarch Joseph (Slips). “Testament”
The Ukrainian Catholic University is an open academic community, which lives by the Eastern.
Christian tradition and raises the leaders of the nation, professionals, for the ministry both in
Ukraine and abroad – in the name of God’s glory, the common good, and human dignity.
As befits the occasion, I would like to address you with the inauguration word. I want to
briefly describe the vision and mission of the newly-born Ukrainian Catholic University. In the
beginning, I would like to mention that it is not an author’s text. Its thoughts belong to the whole
academic community.
Some features of the UCU portrait
Having entered the third millennium, we start to realize that one of the biggest treasures we take
along — is the young generation of Ukraine, which spent all their life in a society where a
totalitarian and impersonalizing ideology is gradually coming to an end, and which, breathing in
with the full breast, the air of freedom wants to pave its own way into the future.
Evangelization Mission of UCU
It is symbolic that UCU appeared in the time when the memories are still fresh about the Holy
Father John Paul’s II visit to Ukraine consecrated the cornerstone of UCU exactly a year ago.
He — a true intellectual, with this step manifested the importance of education in an again.n
Christian’s life and in performing the evangelizing mission of the Church.
Enriching the academic discourse
As the depth of his

interpersonal dialogue measures the fullness and richness of every person’s eternal world. Similarly, the life of every university is measured by its openness to
inter-university communication. UCU expects a close collaboration with other universities, both of
Lviv and Ukraine and those from neighboring and further countries.
Interdisciplinarity and ethical perspective of academic research
Not long ago, the question “What is the ultimate destination of human life?” “Can a person talk
with God?” “What is exactly the communication with God?” “How does it affect a person?” were
eliminated from the life of Ukrainian education and science. Such an obstruction not only
marginalized theological searches, pushing them into obscurantism and fundamentalism, but also
rendered a disservice to the disciplines themselves.
Learning the truth and University’s upbringing

“You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” UCU’s task must become a constant
the manifestation of the inextricable connection between ministry to the truth and a person’s freedom.
Scientific research, free from the abundance of pragmatic speculation and ideologic manipulation,
can remain as itself only when its ultimate goal will be revealing the truth and serving a human
being based on acknowledging the sanctity of his life and respect for his personal dignity.
The school of ministry

UCU regards spreading the Christian ethics of work and study as one of its main tasks. This means
not only uncompromising struggle with all forms of malpractice in education and studying but also
filling the studies and future work of students with the spirit of ministry and solidarity. We want our
employees and students to constantly experience the ministry to God and a person, that is why the
academic and research practice of UCU will always have practical-pastoral and social dimensions.
Global context

We are convinced that further development of Ukraine as a modern European country can only
benefit when the rich heritage and spiritual experience of Kyiv’s Christianity will be thought over,
researched, and studied at the proper academic level. Learning, enriching, and opening before the
the whole world the priceless treasures of Eastern Christianity, UCU also wants to make its
contribution in the world’s ecumenical and cultural dialogue between the Christian East and West.
Plans for work and development

According to the above-mentioned principles, we are going to view the academic and educational
processes in UCU set priorities in the academic activities, and plan the development of the
University. The main emphasis in UCU’s work will be humanitarian education. The background for
this education must become the nurturing of the Christian outlook, in particular through including
the theological component into the curricula of various disciplines.

UCU in Ukraine has become a symbol of maturity and readiness of Ukrainian Christianity for
the challenges of the new era, its readiness to spread the good news about Christ to the educated
The third-millennium man goes on looking for God in his life in the secular world. May this
the event, born from the deep and sacrificial faith of numerous faithful of the UGCC, become one more
the manifestation of the resurrection of our Church and God’s blessing for its pastoral ministry to the
Ukrainian nation.

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