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Дар бораи Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies

Quality of higher education, higher technical education defines the level of country development and welfare of its citizens. That is why several reforms have been implemented in Ukraine for the last time. The main purpose is an improvement of the quality of higher education up to the level of the world requirements.

The Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies is on a new stage of development. A stepwise principle of higher education has been completely implemented at the Academy, from a junior specialist to a bachelor, устод, Candidate, and Doctor of Sciences.

имрӯз 11 faculties comprised of four educational institutes, the faculty of post-graduate education, the research institute, the college, and three technical secondary schools represent a powerful scientific-educational center in the south of our country that unites approximately 15,000 хонандагон, 2,400 teachers and employees, with about 100 профессорҳо ва 400 доцентхо, candidates of sciences included.

In the jubilee 2012 сол, we have established four institutes that united century traditions and current innovations. Their main purpose of functioning is to implement the best European universitieseducation model from knowledge acquirement to their use based scientifically. By unanimous solution of the Academic Board members, all the four institutes got names after the leading industry figures and scientists who have a direct relation to the destiny of our Academy.

The Technological Institute of Food Industry, named after M.V. Lomonosov, united faculties «Processing of grain, bread products, confectionery, mixed fodder and biofuel,» «Food Technology, Perfume, and Cosmetics Examination and Commodity Science,» «Processing of wine & tourism business» and «Innovation technological processes of nutrition and restaurant-hotel business.» M.V. Lomonosov was the first of Russian scientists who, as far back as in the middle of the XVIII century, did theoretical researches in the sphere of creation of effective mills. He made an inestimable contribution to the development of representations on food in the sphere of achievements in chemistry and mechanics. The Odessa Technological Institute of Food Industry was named after him for the period of time from 1968 ба 1994. Today the famous name «Lomonosov» is not forgotten yet, and the historical equity has been restored.

The Institute of Mechanics, Автоматика, and Robotics, named after P.N. Platonov, united faculties «Automation, mechatronics and robotics» and «Energy management, technological equipment, and technical design.» P.N. Platonov had been headed our Institute for 20 сол. He was one of the first persons who laid the foundation for our Academy’s polytechnic and polytechnological development.

Institute of Cold, Cryotechnology and Environmental Energy, named after V.S. Martynovskyi, united faculties «Low-Temperature Engineering and Technology,» «Аpplied ecology, energetics and oil and gas technologies» and «Information Technology and Cybersafety.» V.S. Martynovskyi was one of the founders of cold science. He had been heading the Odessa Technological Institute of Preservation Industry, later on – Academy for 25 сол.

Institute of Applied Economics and Management named after G.E. Weinstein, united faculties «Economics, бизнес, and control» and «Management, Маркетинг, and Logistics.» The Foundation of our Academy is connected with the name of G.E. Weinstein. Being a successful businessman, talented manager, he paid much attention to the development of technical education. The premises of the Odessa school of millers were built at his own money.

The spirit of sponsorship conceived 110 years ago got a new realization in collaboration with national food leaders, grain-processing and mixed fodder industries, the industry of machine building and automation, and production of technical gases—such companies as. «Mironovskyi brain product,» «Nibulon,» «S-Engineering,» and other successful companies and enterprises today take an active part in the financing engineer training and conduction of researches.

We like and respect our history. By uniting successes and achievements of the past and present, we look into the future with confidence and put our hopes on our ability to work, our strength, and the strength of Good and Fairness!

Achievements of our graduates, муаллимон, ва кормандон, scientific and sports victories of our students, their leadership in self-government and amateur art activities became a confirmation of the best century traditions of engineer education and high effectiveness of the model of training leaders of governmental service, маълумот, илм, саноат, and business that we have elaborated.

The high status, fast professional, and promotion track of graduates of the Odesa National Academy of Food Technologies confirm the high quality of higher education provided by Ukraine’s oldest higher educational institutions.

When inviting our graduates for work, managers of different levels note a high level of their occupational training and such significant personal qualities as adaptiveness, sociability, a sense of humor, and ability to arrange a positive psychological climate in the team of subordinates and colleagues. And this is, without doubt, great merit not only of teachers of the Academy but that of a wonderful city of Odessa. While studying at our Academy, the students have a possibility to improve their culture and erudition at the public institute of culture. Curators help to get acquainted with the culture heredity of Odessa. Visiting museums, намоишгоҳҳо, theatre performances by our students became usual for the majority of students. The interest in amateur art activities of our students went beyond the Academy. Competitions of the Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted, «Miss of the Academy,» «First-Year Student Night,» and others became popular among the whole city’s student youth.

Significant sports achievements of the Academy students confirm the benefit of combining the food employee profession with sports. There are masters of sports, Украина, and world champions in Thai boxing, волейбол, and other sports among our students.

Participation in student self-government allows students to acquire skills in staff management. Under the guidance of experienced tutors, the students of the Academy study business relations, which rather often grow to a strong partnership and form the industrial, илмӣ, and business elite of the country.

The friendly team of professors, доцентхо, лекторон, scientific workers, and students implement confidence in higher education into the food and grain-processing industry and achieve recognition by the world’s professionals. дар 2004 the Academy entered the Association of European universities and in 2005 – the European Federation of Food Science and Technologies. Айни ҳол, the Academy is a member of 9 international organizations. The powerful scientific and staff potential, century traditions of the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies is a reliable guarantee of its further successful development.

112 years of successful development proved the correctness of the main principle – to count on the leader. The Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies (ONAFT) always is oriented to the leader. Today the ONAFT is the leader in Ukraine in the training specialists for the food and grain processing industry. As back to 2010, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Grain Association, the “Ukrainian Ice-Cream” Association, the Union of poultry breeders of Ukraine, the Union of mixed fodder producers of Ukraine, and by many other professional associations. That is why there are no problems with job finding for our graduates. There is a problem of choice.

Курсҳо дар Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies

    • Омӯзиши санъат & Design in Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies

      санъат & лоиҳа

    • Омӯзиши тиҷорат & Management in Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies

      бизнес & идоракунии

    • Study Computer Science and Information Systems in Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies

      Илм компютерӣ ва системаҳои иттилоотӣ

    • Муҳандиси таҳсил - General in Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies

      Engineering - Умумӣ

    • Муҳандиси таҳсил - Mechanical in Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies

      Engineering - Механикӣ

    • Таҳсил ва омӯзиш дар Донишгоҳи Калифорния & Leisure Management in Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies

      Меҳмоннавозӣ & Идоракунии вақтхушӣ

    • Study Psychology in Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies


    • Study Sociology in Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies


    • Study Sports-related Courses in Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies

      Курсҳои марбут ба варзиш

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