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جي باري Otago Polytechnic, نيو زيلينڊ

Otago Polytechnic is proud to be a leader in high quality, career-focused education with some of the best student achievement and satisfaction results in New Zealand.

Our history began in 1870, when the Dunedin School of Art opened. It’s the oldest teaching department in the polytechnic sector. The Dunedin School of Art produced some of New Zealand’s finest artists including Frances Hodgkins and Colin McCahon.

ع ۾ 1889, the Dunedin Technical School was opened and provided English, لاطيني, ڪيمسٽري, shorthand and woodwork evening classes. The classes were established to improve the intelligence of young men, and keep them off the streets. ع ۾ 1909, we commenced technical classes for secondary school pupils. ع ۾ 1914, King Edward Technical College was opened in Stuart Street.

Otago Polytechnic started running courses in Central Otago in 1979 as a response to high demand for education in relation to the Clyde Dam being built. Cromwell (known as Central), runs programmes including Cookery, Horticulture and Business, as well as Outdoor Adventure programmes such as Ski/Snowboard Instruction and Avalanche Safety.

In partnership with Future Skills Academy, Auckland International Campus, located on Queen Street, delivers Information Technology, خاڪي, Construction and Business programmes to international students.

The procurement function at Otago Polytechnic aims to deliver a high value, high impact service that is focused on the delivery of students’ needs. The procurement function will continually build on the level of rigour it brings to its existing core procurement processes and governance, and to developing strategic tools, systems and people.

It is our primary concern and responsibility to look after our international students. Otago Polytechnic has agreed to observe and be bound by The Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016, published by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

At Otago Polytechnic we have a broad range of support services that are here to help you through any issues that might arise, and make sure your time here is rewarding and fun. We want you to be able to focus on getting the most enjoyable and rewarding student experience possible, not spend time sweating about the other stuff!

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يوڪرين ۽ يورپ ۾ طبي درجي حاصل ڪريو
يوڪرين ۽ يورپ ۾ طبي درجي حاصل ڪريو
يوڪرين ۽ يورپ ۾ طبي درجي حاصل ڪريو
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يوڪرين ۽ يورپ ۾ طبي درجي حاصل ڪريو
يوڪرين ۽ يورپ ۾ طبي درجي حاصل ڪريو

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