Universities.GURU - Study abroad for international students. Help with admission overseas. Educational consultants.Egyetemek.GURU is a service for students and their parents with current information about studies offered globally.

Egyetemek.GURU offer information about a huge number of destinations, egyetemek, programok, admissions, accommodations, visas, események, and so on.

Egyetemek.GURU has become a proven source of knowledge and insight into the world. Egyetemek.GURU works only with a trusted agency due to its expertise and support for students from diverse cultural backgrounds, providing a full-service experience developed over years of experience working.

Here at Egyetemek.GURU, we make it possible for people looking to study abroad to make their dreams true by providing an amazing platform that combines everything YOU need in one place. This helps international students to discover their best fit for education.

How can we help international students?

If you have a dream to study abroad, we can help. Choosing the way to study overseas is one of the most exciting and life-changing decisions you’ll ever make, and we’re here to walk you through the process from the start till the getting of your diploma and even for the starting of your bright career. We have huge experience working with universities, diákok, and educational consultants worldwide to help international students find the right program, admission, getting a visa, moving, accommodation, and so on.

We’ll give you all the information you’re going to need to find the university and the course of your dream in any country. Egyetemek.GURU is completely free for you to use because we’re funded by universities all over the world.

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