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Umbes The University of Auckland

rajatud 1883, Auckland is the country’s largest university with over 40,000 üliõpilased, ligi 10,000 of whom graduate annually.
Alates oma asutamisest 1883, the University of Auckland has grown to become New Zealand’s flagship, research-led university, known for the excellence of its teaching, its research, and its service to local, national and international communities.

We have more than 40,000 students of whom 11,000 are postgraduate and 6,000 are international. Our research programmes range across all disciplines and we are world leaders in such fields as cancer drug development, inductive (wireless) power transfer and computational physiology.

As we look to the future one thing is certain – knowledge will be a key resource and will be highly sought-after within New Zealand and around the world. Our challenge is to help to generate ideas that will benefit society, and to educate and train people to work in fields where they will be valued both for their specialised knowledge, and for their ability to research, communicate and solve problems.

To meet these challenges we need to build on the alliances and collaborative partnerships the University has established with business, valitsus, and other research institutions.

It is equally important we keep close to our wider communities of interest within New Zealand and internationally. This will help to ensure the ongoing relevance of our academic programmes and the continued excellence of our teaching, õppe-ja teadustöö.

To find out more about the University’s history, our teaching and research strengths, our diverse networks and our vibrant, cosmopolitan campuses download the University of Auckland Profile 2015-2016 below.

Kell 41,500 square metres, the Conservation Area makes up the majority of what is referred to as Sector 100 – an area of the City Campus bordered by Waterloo Quadrant and Princes, Alfred and Symonds Streets. See on rohkem kui 400 trees, most of which are considered “mature” and greater than 10 metres in height – two of the more important variables in the world of carbon offsetting.

The best performer is the Norfolk Island Pine which stands tall at the eastern end of the lawns of Old Government House. It stores approximately five per cent of the total carbon content estimated for the entire Conservation Area.

We offer accommodation options for first-year school leavers in our Halls of Residence, as well as flats and apartments suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students. University residences are also available during the summer holiday period for students, groups and conferences. Our Accommodation Solutions team can also assist students seeking tenancy advice or guidance with finding private accommodation in Auckland.

Information about enhancement and evaluation of teaching courses, the class representation system and templates for course outlines. CLeaR is the University of Auckland’s hub for higher education learning and research.

The graduate profile reflects a set of attributes that we consider to be attainable by graduates of a research-led comprehensive university.

They make clear to students and staff, to potential students, to employers, to the community and to other academic institutions, the qualities that the University of Auckland seeks to impart to, or foster in, its graduates.

Responsibility for enabling graduates to meet the Graduate Profile lies with University staff and students.

We hope that, as individuals and as members of the University community, all will engage in the teaching, õppimine, research and creative activities of the University, and in its extra-curricular, kultuuriline, intellektuaalne, social and sports life, to achieve the aspirations we hold for our graduates.

The University is implementing a new 3-level Graduate Profile in 2017. Level 1 ja 2 below provide the foundation and faculties are currently developing level 3 for implementation in upcoming years.

Scholars – Graduates of the University have a broad knowledge base and disciplinary expertise. They are aware of contemporary research in their field of specialisation and able to conduct their own research and investigations. They are excited by ideas, discovery and learning and are conscientious in their endeavours to understand the complexities of the worlds they encounter at work and in society.

Innovators – Graduates of the University are future and solution focussed. They are curious, critical and creative. They are capable of developing unique and sustainable solutions to real world problems.

Leaders – Graduates of the University take personal responsibility and seek opportunities to work with others to advance thinking and achievement in all spheres of their lives. They are confident, kaasa arvatud, inspiring and influential.

Global Citizens – Graduates of the University are citizens of Aotearoa / New Zealand and the world. They appreciate the role of the Treaty of Waitangi and are aware of global issues. They act with integrity and fluency across cultures and perspectives, are committed to the betterment of society, open in their thinking and appreciative of the riches that diversity and equity bring.

Course review is undertaken at department level, where academic staff look at the way a course was taught to decide on any improvements or changes to be made. Feedback from students may form part of this process.

The University reviews its programmes and its departments and schools regularly. All new University qualifications undergo a University Review in advance of being assessed by the Committee on University Academic Programmes Graduating Year Review process.

Existing University programmes may be reviewed internally by faculties. Programmes with large enrolments or of strategic importance are reviewed on a 10-year cycle under the University’s Guidelines for Programme Reviews.

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